Remote Learning & Teacher Support to Boost Your Grades

We help our students reach their potential using personalised online learning with one-to-one support from expert teachers

Our personalised tuition and support programmes nurture young people by delivering the content and focusing on what each student needs to know in order to succeed in examinations.

How Excel iLearn Works

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Remote Learning

We deliver your course materials both online and through the post. Study remotely in the comfort of your home.

Expert Guidance

Our expert teachers support and guide you to exam mastery: marking your work, providing guidance & feedback and answering questions over the phone

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Why do students need extra support?

Isn’t it good enough just to ensure your child attends a good school and then sit back and watch them thrive?

In an ideal world, yes.

However the reality is different.


Our solutions – how our programmes address the core issues

Many caring, loving parents are frustrated that their children are being held back at school.  There are so many stumbling blocks that prevent your child from reaching their full potential.  We understand the frustration that parents feel and have put in place a tuition and support programme to reduce the impact of underachievement by young people.

✘ A lack of good teachers in core subjects  Only fully qualified, experienced teachers who are dedicated to using their skills in making a real difference to exam grades are good enough for our students – a rigorous recruitment and selection process ensures this
✘  Poor teaching and inadequate explanation of key concepts – leading to confusion a lack of understanding, even by bright young people  We ensure that our teachers are not only experts in the subjects they teach but are also good and effective communicators who can deliver the content and inspire young people
✘ Large class sizes prevent your child from getting the individual attention they deserve  Our tuition is customised to your child’s needs and the individual support we provide ensures we do not treat your child as just another figure
✘ Classroom disruption by some unruly young people is too widely tolerated by schools. Sadly, this creates a culture of low expectations  Most of our teaching is remote and your child is not distracted. At the top end of our programme – in the Gold Subscription when students visit us at key times of the academic year, consultations with the teacher is mainly one-to-one
✘ Mediocrity is the norm – your son or daughter is not being stretched to achieve the high exam grades he or she is capable of. Your child’s potential is not nurtured  We believe young people are not being challenged enough. We have high expectations and very little tolerance for mediocre performance. We stretch every one of our students and expect them to Excel
✘ Insufficient work is set for too many students  We set work and send it to you in the post and expect your child to complete the work – which is of a high standard. Useful feedback is provided on each piece of wor


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